Rafting Etiquette

A few tips for yachts and power boats on the etiquette of rafting alongside another vessel.

During the summer months the mooring spaces alongside pontoons are like gold dust when visiting busy marinas so be prepared to raft up.

It is also a technique that is worth using when at anchor, when you intend to spend a night with friends in a safe anchorage area.

Rafting can be a real test, even to the most placid yachtsmen and power boaters. So how can you make sure you and your temporary neighbours stay on good terms?

Technically the manoeuvres required to moor your vessel against another boat are no different to coming alongside a pontoon.

But if you’ve never had to do it before, would you know how to do it and what to say before you started mooring up or moving across another boat? Most marinas expect it, and most people are OK about it, but brushing up on your rafting etiquette is never going to do any harm.

Here is a link to the RYA’s Rafting Etiquette advice: Click Here